Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's Daft week!

I sent off another completed Daft Dimension strip to Doctor Who Magazine yesterday. It's a four panel strip so I won't show much of it here or it'll spoil the gag but here's a close up of part of one panel. On the left is a photo of the original artwork showing my blue pencil sketching and the inking and on the right is the finished version after I'd scanned it into Photoshop and coloured it.

Anyway, that's the strip for next month's issue. If you want to see this month's head for your newsagent, supermarket, or comic shop tomorrow (Thursday April 2nd) when the official Doctor Who Magazine No.485 hits the shelves. 84 packed pages of features and strips for just £4.99. More info at the mag's website:

Sunday, 29 March 2015

This week's Rasher preview

Here's an advance preview of an unlettered panel from the Rasher strip I did for an upcoming issue of The Beano. This is the final one in this run, and unfortunately my last work for the weekly for the time being but I hope to be commissioned for more strips soon. Work will commence on the 2017 dated annuals in a few months (yes we work that far in advance) so hopefully I'll be doing a few pages for those. 

Thanks for continuing to follow this blog. I really appreciate it. I'll continue to keep you updated on my current work and also post some items about the comics I've worked on over the last 32 years. 

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Friday, 27 March 2015

More original art for sale

I have a couple of pieces of old artwork on eBay this week, both from the 1980s and both from Oink! One of them is the cover I did for Oink! No.51, which as well as having the original Tom Thug art also includes the layers for colour instructions to the printer and the logo etc. Of course comics are produced a lot differently to that now, with the layers being digital, so this is a chance for the buyer to own a piece of old school history!

The other page is a Pete and his Pimple strip, where Pete dreams of being the superhero Captain Pimply! I offered this for sale before and for some reason it didn't sell. (Strange, as all the other pieces I've put up for auction have sold.) If it doesn't sell this time I'm keeping it as I quite like it. 

Anyway, all bids are appreciated and the auction ends on Sunday. You'll find them here:

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mister Nostril is back!

He's 'snot' to be sniffed at. He 'nose' the score! It's Mister Nostril! The bogie-bending bad guy is back this week in Toxic!

Mister Nostril was a character I created a few years ago as a villain in the Team Toxic strip. As you may guess from the preview images here he has telepathic control over his mighty mucus. He's done his time and now he's out for revenge! Can Team Toxic defeat the runny-nosed rascal again? Find out in Toxic No.252, on sale Wednesday 25th March! 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Joe's Last Laugh

Here's a preview of an unlettered panel for the final Joe King mini-strip that I drew for The Beano. Presumably the strip will appear in this week's issue, on sale Wednesday.

I've enjoyed doing this run of Joe King. It wasn't a character I was familiar with. (The brilliant Bob Dewar drew him years ago.) The mini-strip format of three or four panels suited the structure of setting up a joke to deliver the punchline in the final scene. It also gave me the opportunity to bring in other Beano characters as guest stars to share the joke or to act as the 'straight man'. I wrote all the Joe King strips in this run except for this last one which was scripted by John Anderson.

There should also be a Rasher strip I did in this issue too, which will be the penultimate one in this series.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Shed of the Dead! (2008)

I was intrigued by a news item in the latest issue of Starburst (a great mag by the way) on a new horror movie in production called Shed of the Dead

Back in 2008 I came up with the title Shed of the Dead as a horror comic spoof and created a mock up 'weathered' cover as the title panel of a Brickman page that appeared in Elephantmen: War Toys No.2 published by Image Comics. (More info on that issue is at the blog post I published seven years ago: )

In the 1950s there were comics such as Vault of Horror and Crypt of Terror so my artwork was a parody of those sort of covers. Perhaps it's time I produced some Shed of the Dead merchandise utilizing my image, considering my version was in print in 2008. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rasher doing what he does best

Here's Rasher stuffing his face again in this week's Beano, out now! It's always a pleasure to draw Dennis the Menace's pet pig although this current run of strips is almost over. I've drawn four series featuring him so far (if we include the short-lived Watch-Hog series he starred in). Hopefully I'll be commissioned to do a fifth series at some point.