Sunday, 26 March 2017

100 years in comics!

I saw my old pals David Leach and Bambos Georgiou at the Robot: Illustration and Creative Arts Convention in Sheffield yesterday and it occurred to me that the three of us have a combined experience of nearly 100 years working in comics! I've known Bambos and David since we started out in the business over thirty years ago and it's not often these days that our three paths meet at events so it was great to catch up with them again. Nice to finally meet Bambos' wife Jane too (who took this photo). 

In case you didn't know, David Leach is the creator of Psyhco Gran and is an editor at Titan Comics, and Bambos has recently worked on The Bash Street Kids for Beano with Mychailo Kazybrid (another artist who started out 30 plus years ago). They've all done much more than that over the past three decades of course!

You can read my report of yesterday's convention on my other blog here:

...and there's a video news item on the event at the Sheffield Live! site here:
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The next convention I'll be at will be Stoke-Con-Trent on 9th April.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


There's a new issue of Toxic out now, bagged with a bunch of gifts. I've contributed another Team Toxic two-pager, which sees the Team set off into space. That's Toxic No.286, yours for £4.99 in shops now.

Monday, 20 March 2017

See you at Sheffield!

This coming Saturday, 25th March, I'll be at Robot: Illustration and Creative Arts Convention at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield. I'll have a table selling my Brickman Returns and Derek the Troll comics, plus various prints such as The 7 Ages of Fan. I'll also be doing sketches, so come along. It'll be good to see you. There's my banner (above) to look out for. 

More info on the event at the convention website:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Combat memories

Thirty years ago I was embarking on a new strip for Marvel UK that would run for four years and is still my favourite work. Combat Colin started in Action Force No.5 in late March 1987. Today, I've been sorting through the original artwork. I was pleased to find that I still have most of the pages.
As Marvel gave me the rights back long ago, I'll be reprinting all those early strips in Combat Colin No.1. I'll be scanning from my original artwork and from the comics to fill in the gaps of the originals I don't have.
My original plan was to bring it out on the 30th Anniversary week, but I've been too busy to even start on it until now, so expect to see it either in May or (more likely) June.
I'll be posting more info as it develops, and I hope some of you will be interested in buying a copy. I plan to publish two or three issues a year until all the stories have been reprinted. Issue No.1 should have 40 pages, which will cover all of the Action Force episodes, then issue 2 will commence reprinting the strips that were in The Transformers.

More news on availability and ordering info at a later date.

A new convention announcement

I'm very pleased to be able to add another event to my "road trip" this year as I'll be one of the guests at the Birmingham Comics Festival on June 24th and 25th 2017. 

The convention takes place at Birmingham City University and other guests will include David Lloyd, Hunt Emerson, Phil Winslade and more!

There'll also be an exhibition of comic art at the university from June 1st, and other events related to the show taking place in June. Keep an eye on the festival website for more details...

Thursday, 16 March 2017

ComiXology Colin!

Volume 16 of the award-winning digital comic Aces Weekly is now available to buy and download from ComiXology. For just £6.99 you'll get loads of strips by people such as Emma Chinnery, David Leach, Mychalio Kazybrid, Jok, Ryan Taylor and more plus an all-new Combat Colin three pager. 

Grab your copy from ComiXology today!


As regards an update on the Combat Colin comic, I haven't had time to make a start on it yet but I'm hoping to launch it at a convention in May or June. Readers of this blog and those who follow me on social media will be the first to know of course! More news soon! (And yes, Combat Colin will be a printed paper comic, not digital. Similar format to the Derek the Troll comic I did last year.)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

It's BEANO day!

Here's a quick preview of my strips from this week's Beano. Ivy the Terrible lives up to her name again, and Pup Parade encounter Snarler, a new dog in town!

Plus loads of other strips by the top humour artists in the UK. Don't miss Beano No.3876, on sale now!

For more info on this issue, check out the Beano website: